Two ways to have the tallest building in town

Recently I attended a Brian Buffini Success Tour conference for what I thought was just to learn some new methods to improve my real estate career.  What I learned is not how to meet a new client or sell another house but ways to better myself, my life and those around me.

I was opposed to getting an iPhone for the longest time.  Those who know me know that I’m still rocking a Blackberry because I know it’s the best phone for conducting business.  But when my adorable Granddaughter Angelica was born I didn’t want to miss a minute of anything she does so I “had” to get an iPhone so I can FaceTime my daughter Alyssa to see every thing Angelica is doing.  Since then I found many other benefits to an iPhone and I have downloaded many Apps and the most recent is Podcasts so I can listen to The Brian Buffini Show.

I know your probably saying “How does this relate to the tallest building in town”?  I was just listening to Episode 003 of Brian’s Podcast and he is speaking with the great Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn.  Jim shared a profound philosophy that I’d like to share with you.

Tall building

There are two ways to become the tallest building in town.

Philosphy 1: Tear all the other buildings down.

Philosphy 2: Keep working on growing your building taller.

I love this because in the Real Estate world there are a lot of agents that make their sales volume a competition.  They compete on listing appointments and much like the presidential race that is going on right now they take this opportunity to tear down other agents in an effort to make themselves look better.  But truly they are just making themselves look worse.  I have always loathed people who do nothing but talk about themselves, their accomplishments and speak negativity about everything in the world.  These people I avoid like the plague.

But with philosophy 2 it’s a win win for all.  By improving yourself you are not only increasing your self worth but also having a positive influence on those around you.  As you grow you’ll stand out for the positivity, strength and character you exude.

In closing I encourage you to set aside time in your busy schedule to work on improving yourself by reading, listening, interacting and growing from all the positive leaders there are in the world.

Welcome 2016!

As the morning shows review the happenings of 2015 and give us suggestions on things to focus on in 2016 like taking better care of ourselves, our finances and what makes us happy, I feel the urge to share my thoughts as well.

2015 and the years since my last post in 2011 (man time flies) have been filled with ups and downs.  But knowing God and knowing he only has the best in store for me gives me the peace to surpass all understanding (Philippians 4:7 ) about what is currently going on in my life and what is to come.  I have learned to look at the bright side of every situation and I try to remind my husband and other family members to do the same.

In 2015 I celebrated being a mother and wife for 25 YEARS!!  In my daily life I am surrounded by people who haven’t even been on this earth 25 years!  That doesn’t make me feel old but it reminds me of how time flies.  We all have older people in our lives that tell us about how things were “back in their day” and sometimes it seems far fetched.  But I can now relate because I can tell my children and their friends that there was a time for me when there were no cell phones.  We were the first generation to get a bag phone that you plugged into your car lighter.  And there was no Google or Siri to answer any question in seconds.  We had to read books or have conversations with other people to learn anything!  Now I feel old thinking back. LOL

Anyway, what I really want to say this January 1, 2016 is please do not be discouraged about your current situation or what you think 2016 has in store for you.  I promise you will make it through and you will look back and think “that wasn’t so bad”.  Choose today to take life one day at a time.  The Bible says “Do not worry about tomorrow, for it will worry about itself”(Matthew 6:34).  We as individuals do not have control over who is going to be president, the country’s financial situation, the terrorists that threaten our lives, etc..  Yes there are those who directly do have some control over this like the military who protect us and the government officials who mandate everything.  But we as individuals are like a speck of sand in the sea of politics and government rule.  Here are a few suggestions on what we can do:

  • We must pray daily to the God who does have an influence on everything around us.  Pray for his protection and his will to be done.
  • In your small circle of people around you, help them in any way you can.  Do something to bring a smile to their face and hope in their heart.  Be the salt and the light to this dark world.
  • And most importantly, give God the first 5 minutes of your day and ask him to guide you and lead you to do his will that day.  And everything else will fall in place.

My favorite scripture that changed my life forever.  Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.  plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Nothing else matters!



Living Out of Control

The last few years I have been living out of control.  Out of my control are the decisions and choices my 16 and 20 year old daughters make.  I’ve been working through it but for a time I became depressed, disappointed and felt like a failure as a parent.  After many days and nights of crying because I felt like a failure as a Mom I finally recognized that I can not change my children (or anyone else), but I have a great relationship with the one person who can, GOD.

From the time our children are born they are totally dependent on us to teach them, nurture them and guide them because they know nothing.  They willingly ask for our help.  It’s our job to teach them right from wrong, how to speak to and interact with others, how to take care of their bodies and mind by eating the right foods, getting exercise regularly and reading to exercise their minds.  Looking back, this time in my life seems so easy and simple to me now in comparison to raising teenagers and young adults.

There comes a point in life when these precious little children who we dedicated our whole life to for so many years turn into young adults and they are required to start making their own choices.  They are capable and responsible enough to drive a car, get a job, make plans to go to college or what career they want to pursue after high school.  We encourage them to explore these options and guide them in doing these things.  But what comes along with this time of their life is the responsibility that goes with making their own choices.  But what do we do when they make the wrong choices?  If your like me, you crumble.  Over the last couple of years this has been my emotional struggle.

God reminded me one day how he feels about this.  After all he is our parent, our Heavenly Father.  He guides us with the teachings in the Bible.  He teaches us right from wrong.  But we have our own free will to make our own choices.  Just imagine how depressed God would be if he piled on the guilt of all the sins that we commit, daily!  The burden would be unbearable.  So God showed me that I must release that burden from myself.  I can not hold myself responsible for the choices my children make.  God promises to protect us and carry our burdens, if we ask.  In Matthew 11:28-29 he says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

So daily (sometimes hourly) I go to the cross and leave my fears, my anxiety, my disappointments and my burdens.  I pray for safety, protection and guidance for my husband and children.  In exchange God gives me Peace for turmoil.  The creator of the whole universe has all this under control and he does not want me to worry.  I pray today that you find thisPeace that surpasses all understandingin your life as well.

P.S.  I just want to clarify that my daughters are wonderful, caring young women who I am very proud of.  Each day they learn new lessons and make good choices because of those lessons.  I love them very much.

If You Truly Want to Live a Happy and Blessed Life

Every morning I wake up and watch the 30 minute program called “Enjoying Everyday Life” by Joyce Meyer.  It comes on earlier than I would like to wake up so I record it and then turn it on while my husband and I are just waking up.  He doesn’t watch the whole show but I always hope he hears something she is saying to use in his day.

Today, like everyday, Joyce teaches an important lesson.  She ended the show by saying “If we truly want to live a happy and blessed life we need to focus on others and not ourselves.  That doesn’t mean we do not take proper care of ourselves.  But we all need to be ready and willing to help other people every time God brings them across our path.”

This is a principal I had heard a lot but it finally sunk in a few years ago.  And at that point my paradigm shifted and I no longer was thinking about what I “deserved” or “needed” but what others need. 

I first started thing about what my immediate family needed.  And I realized that no matter what I say or do for them, they weren’t always going to immediately receive what I was giving.  They were unappreciative and unaware of what I trying to do.  So I learned that I had to pray for them rather than talk to them or give to them.  I do this by praying for my husband and children using Stormie Omartian’s books as a guide.  I’ve seen a huge change in all of them through my prayers.

The next place that I felt needed to be blessed was my business.  Usually being self-employed means whatever business your going to have only happens if you make it happen.  But when I realized that God was in control of EVERY aspect of my life I knew that I did not need to worry about my business, the economy and how it affected my income because God is greater than any “Federal Deficit”.  I just needed to do excellent in the work that he gives me and he will continue to bless me.  One day God showed me that if I just did what he told me to do every day, he will make the rest happen.  And I’ve been blessed with the right amount of business all the time to take care of my needs at that time.  What God tells me to do every day is to help others in some way.  Whether it be one of my family members, or giving assistance to one of my co-workers, or volunteering my time with local organizations like the Foodbank or Habitat For Humanity.  Wherever there is a need, I should try to meet it.  This has made my life so much happier and free of stress.

So I encourage you today to look outside of yourself.  Don’t dwell a minute on your own problems and your own needs.  Ask God to show you a need that someone else has and help you fulfill that need.  And continue to do this every day.  I promise you will feel so much better about yourself and your life, plus you will be making a difference in the world.

Where have you been?

You’ve been in the same place you always were.  I’m the one that has been away.  I’ve been all over the place in the last 5 weeks, emotionally and physcially.  Some awesome places and some challenging places.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the word “seasons” used to describe difference times of our lives.  I think I’m finally on the other side of a tough season and I’m thankful to be able to take a breath!

As you may or may not know I sell real estate.  What a roller coaster ride this career can be.  Feast or famine is another way to describe it.  I have yet to figure out how to really balance the demand.  Financially this was an awesome and much-needed thing but on every other level it was too much.  We all have days when there is too much on the to do list.  I had that for 5 weeks straight with no break.  During this time I went through many struggles, emotionally, physically and mentally.  What I learned was to just hang onto God and his Word to keep me focused.  So many times I wanted to say “I quit, I can’t take it anymore” but my daily time with God in the morning helped me stay on roller coaster and not jump off.

If you are dealing with a hard time emotionally, physically or mentally I encourage you to hang in there.  Ask God what you should do and then do what he says.  Many times I questioned him “Are you sure that is what you want me to do?” and every time he answered with “Do as you were told”.  I did and now I am reaping the rewards.

One of the rewards for my hard work was going on a much-needed and desired vacation to visit 2 good friends on the West Coast.  My only New Year’s resolution was to travel more and God is granting that to me.  I hope you enjoy a few of the photos from my trip as much as I did witnessing the sites in person.


Is there a difference between faith and believing?

Today I enjoyed an article in the Nov. 2010 issue of ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE from Joyce Meyer Ministries.


Joyce gives us five things to absolutely believe in to immediately improve your life. 

  1. Believe that it’s possible to do anything that God commands you to do.
  2. Believe that God can change anyone and any circumstance.
  3. Believe that God can work good out of any mistake you’ve made or situation you’re in.
  4. Always believe the best of every person.
  5. Believe that your time is in God’s hand.

Take a minute to check out the full article because it goes into much more detail.  I thank God everyday for the faith that I have to believe that he works everything around me for my benefit, even if I can not see it now.

Are you going to let someone else determine your happiness?

Are you happy with your life?  What would make you happy?  Do you think it is someone or something that is controlling your happiness?

Think for a minute about the people around you.  The people you work with, your immediate family, blogs you follow, Facebook and Twitter family.  What do these people primarily talk about?  Do they post or talk about positive, happy thoughts like being thankful for the sunshine, the money they have to buy food or pay for the heat in their home, the car they have to get from place to place or the good health of themselves and family?  Or do they post their complaints about a scratchy throat, dreading going to work, the person driving to slow in front of them or fear of the unknown?

I challenge you today to only speak happy, good and positive thoughts.  Even if you do not have any happy thoughts, work on changing those negative thoughts into happy thoughts by focusing on what you have to be thankful for.  Remember the glass is half full, not half empty.  Some people will have to keep changing their thoughts every few seconds.  Some people may only have to change their thoughts a few times a day. 

I think I heard somewhere that the Devil can’t hear your thoughts but he can hear what you say. So when you say negative things he grasps on that and keeps tormenting you all day.  Don’t say it!  Change it in your mind and heart before you verbalize it. 

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice.  And the God of peace will be with you.    Philippians 4:8-9 NIV

Super Savings Sundays

On Sundays, I spend about an hour looking through the Sunday newspaper advertisements for little jewels to save money.  Some weeks I find more than others.  Each week I will share with you my finds and hopefully motivate you to take a little time at the beginning of your week to plan your shopping and saving.

This week I saved $27.69!

On average my items were $1.16 EACH! 

This week I had a lot of things in the freezer to pull from and didn’t need to buy a bunch of stuff so I stuck with just the sale items.  There were no other sales that I felt compelled to shop at so this was it.

I hope you get a chance to do a little research and save some money this week.

you are more. (via breanna.sipple)

For those struggling with something right now or needing forgiveness for something I think Breanna’s sharing is open and honest. And she shares an awesome song. I just had to share with my readers.

you are more. He saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to His own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit[Titus 3:5 ESV] Lately I have been disappointed with myself in how I am doing academically, and I project that negative view into how I think my professors are perceiving me in the classes I am performing poorly in. I get stressed because I keep making the same mistakes over and over, and my h … Read More

via breanna.sipple

Why is the world so judgmental and opinionated?

You never know what is below the surface

Today a blog that I subscribe to posted her opinion on a TV show she watched recently.  The TV show was about a family who the Dad lost his high paying job and now they are downsizing everything.  This blog has received over 100 comments from people who either watched the show or just wanted to comment on some of the content that was mentioned.  I posted a general comment within the first hour mistakenly clicked the “send me follow-up comments” button and all day long my Blackberry has been blowing up with these emails!! 

I stopped reading the comments after a few of them because it was the same thing.  People complaining, gripping, whining and just overall criticizing how the family on the show was living. 

It’s a sad day when people spend so much time critiquing others when I know that there is something in their life that needs just as much critiquing. 

I’ll finish with Matthew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”